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WalgreensLemRx Realty Advisors typically work on single tenant net leased properties with tenants that have S&P ratings of BBB or better.  These leases are tyipcally  referred to as "bulletproof" or "bond absolute triple net" or simply "triple net" where the tenant pays for all expenses thereby giving Landlords "peace of mind" with a guaranteed "no headache" income stream from a national credit tenant (please check with us for exceptions)...


The real estate occupied by "national credit" STNL tenants is especially suited for high net worth investors and institutional investors. 1031 exchange buyers also like credit STNL properties as these are often a "first choice" or strong second choice for buyers who are running out of time on their ID period to purchase a like-kind exchange property. National credit STNL real estate is the perfect place to "park" money for short, medium, or long term.


These properties are simple, have only one lease with a national credit tenant, and are generally easier to re-sell or refinance than other types of real estate. Best of all, credit STNL properties give Landlords "peace of mind" and assurances of a guaranteed income stream from a "Fortune 50" or S&P Rated national credit tenant.


Most of the buildings are "build to suit" and are generally free standing corner buildings on lighted intersections and are usually the best locations in a major or secondary metro market where plenty of "rooftops" exist.


"All STNL Properties Are Not Created Equal"... LemRx Realty Advisors has purchased multiple STNL properties for its own account and can give you "first hand" knowledge of the ins and outs of buying, owning, financing, and/or selling a property occupied by STNL tenants.


Focus on long term relationships: Please call or email us with your investment criteria and we will be glad to forward to you selective "on market" and "off market" properties. Or, if you are considering investment in a specific STNL property or properties feel free to forward a brief description to us. We will be glad to give you our candid opinion of the property's fair market value and its' pluses and minuses as well as comparable sales of other Walgreens properties. No obligation. "Our best client is a repeat client"...



More about the tenant - Walgreen Company:


WalgreensFounded in 1901. Walgreens chooses the most convenient access to consumer goods and services, and pharmacy health and wellness services, in America. The company has recorded 33 consecutive years of record sales and earnings.


Walgreens pioneered many modern store and pharmacy features, some of which have become standards in the industry. Among those concepts are:


  • Computerized pharmacies connected nationwide and freestanding stores with drive-thru pharmacies.
  • "Touch-Tone Refills"; patients can use an automated phone system to request prescription refills and a pickup time as well as prescription label instructions printed in any of 14 different languages.
  • "Express Pay"; which allows prescriptions to be automatically charged to a patient's credit card. This helps speed up the transaction and makes it easier for caregivers to pick up the patient's prescription.


Walgreens is a Fortune "50" national credit tenant with an S&P "BBB" rating. The company is listed among Fortune Magazine's "Most Admired Companies", the "Platinum 400 List" and "40 Best Stocks to Retire On."